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Experience, enthusiasm, curiosity

BMR is a full-service market research agency founded in 2005 by professionals gathering years of experience, know-how and enthusiasm. Along with more than 20 years of experience in the business, we always keep our curiosity to learn and improve.

High Quality Services

Whether it is a complete market research project or fieldwork assistance, the quality of the work is always top priority. That’s why BMR has adopted standards and procedures to ensure the highest quality results.

Custom-Made Research Design

We believe that every client, every case is different. Instead of imposing “prepacked” offers, we like to brainstorm with our clients and design unique solutions for their needs.

Flexible Solutions

The business environment and clients’ needs are constantly changing. It is important to be well-informed about the latest developments and flexible enough to adopt to these quickly to provide the best services.

Simplicity is the key

Our natural purpose as researchers is to make our clients’ life easier by providing insights; and we believe that the simplicity is the key in market research. Even when we use the most complicated methods and analysis tools, we try to produce understandable, on-the-point and usable results that can assist our clients in their decision making process.

Modern approaches to traditional methods

While we acknowledge the need for the good old face-to-face interviewing for some studies, it is just not enough for some cases. We like to think outside the box and design unique approaches by combining the traditional and modern methods.

Technology in Use

We use high technology tools in our studies to ensure hassle-free experience for our staff and clients, speedy and high quality results.

Idea Generation

Our creative workshops gather clients, experts and consumers together, allowing them to work as a team and generate creative ideas.

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