International Research

Do you want to discover new markets? Travel with us.

10 years of experience in international research, dozens of projects in 5 continents, lots of business trips, lots of online meetings around the clock… BMR helps its clients to gain deeper insights in a foreign market and to learn how to “act local”. Focusing on Europe, Middle East and Central Asia, BMR provides market research services all around the globe.

Think Global

Limiting the operations in a single market is not an option anymore for most of the companies. Thinking global and looking for opportunities in different markets is necessary; however, it brings several challenges along. This is where we jump in. We help our clients to “discover the world” by providing insights about opportunities and barriers in a market for their brand.

Act Local

While thinking global, it is important to be aware that every country is different in terms of culture, lifestyle, economic or political dimensions. In each country, we work with the best local experts to gain valuable insights and provide a real grasp of the market to our clients.