Online Community

Flexible, comfortable, effective.

Our online community  platform allows respondents to participate in the comfort of their homes, logging in any time of the day from their computers or mobile devices. It is an ideal solution for various research studies, including concept/packaging/advertisement tests,  home-use-tests, usage&attitude and lifestyle studies.

Research Design

Online community studies usually take 2 to 7 days. Along with qualitative discussions, a community usually includes special tasks like video diaries and quantitative surveys.


Depending on the project, usually 20 to 30 respondents participate in online communities. Respondents are selected carefully by qualitative recruitment methods.


The communities are managed by experienced moderators and community managers to ensure each respondent engages and provides valuable insights in a friendly environment.


Our platform allows testing visual materials like videos and print materials. Also the respondents can upload images, videos and other documents in their responses.